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Life Impact

Watch interviews with some of our early adopters

You can hear why they started using HawkAlerts and how it has impacted their lives

jessica petti

peter joyce

Kyle Yost



Game Changer

Oscar G.

HawkAlerts has been a game changer for managing my portfolios and potential investments. It provides the visibility I need to keep me immediately informed of any movement I am tracking for existing assets and for potential opportunities. The app is available on all of my devices and computers. It is easy to use and setup and provides great charts and news on the items I am tracking and alerting on. It truly is an investment admin in the background.


Easy and Powerful

Julie I.

I am a millennial who didn’t know the first thing about the stock market or even how to trade. Then I discovered HawkAlerts. The app is so easy to use, it helped me learn how to trade. I love getting my nightly recap e-mail to see how my trades performed from that day. It is a one of a kind platform that I would 100% recommend to all my friends and family.


Exceeded Expectations

David V.

Initially, I was solely interested in the portfolio tracking features / capabilities of the app. But I was surprised by the depth of capabilities it actually provides, from the alert setups to the data visualizations. Definitely a solid app worth trying out, whether you’re a fledgling investor or a seasoned veteran.


The Best Platform Out There

Jeff B.

HawkAlerts lets me keep on top of my portfolio and alert me for potential opportunities. It’s a comprehensive app that includes plain-language alerting, data visualization and even cryptocurrency. Considering the volatility of cryptocurrency, this feature alone is worth the price of admission. Works great for equities too. You won’t find a better tool to help manage risk in your portfolio.


Major Time Saver

Daniel D.

Thank you HawkAlerts! You are a major time saver. I am someone who likes to trade on everything from crypto to stocks and this app is gold! The platform is not only my one place to see all of my investments, but more importantly, it is my safety net. When any big swings happen in the crypto or equities markets I know I will be one of the first to get alerted.


A Must Have

John S.

HawkAlerts is insane! I’ve used stock trackers before, but they’re not in real-time. The data is skewed and it doesn’t include crypto. HawkAlerts combines the ease and functionality of an app I can pop open and get real-time stock prices. Not to mention, I can test the waters with ease.



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