by Chris

April 8, 2020

Stock index futures have been all over the place this morning. We started down around 4:45 am (when I first got up) and now we're looking to open higher.  

As I mention in my previous post, I'm all in on long positions. I have nothing short right now so this is good news for me 🙂

The only thing that is bothering me now is the doubt I see from lots of interviews on CNBC. I'm not sure if these people just want to be contrarians but do they know something we don't?

It seems like coronavirus cases are flattening in NY (one of the hardest hit states right now) and social distancing looks like it is working. Anyone else having virtual happy hours? I know we are!

The one thing I think a lot of investors are on edge about is the meeting tomorrow between OPEC (which was already delayed). Oil seems to be edging higher which means there could be good news coming. If they do agree to cut supply, we could see a turn to the upside for oil (good for any of us investing there). I know I have a few GUSH shares.

What is everyone else doing? 

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