by Chris

March 31, 2020

Futures are looking up so far and the news is sounding more positive. Cases are still climbing here in the US but we have so many companies working on ventilators, tests and even vaccines I just need to have a little faith!

Yay! - Despicable Me Minion | Meme Generator

I’m still hesitant to call a bottom, since some other horrific news could derail us. But, I do not have any short positions. There was some money to be made shorting the US indexes (I used puts) but now all my positions are long.

Specifically, I have call options out through the summer (my best guess is that we peak in mid-May), oil options out to the fall (who knows how long this Saudi-Russia issue will last) and 2022 options on the Dow (just to be safe).

An additional factor for fall in oil prices » Manila Bulletin News

I also bought a crap-ton on gold miners ETFs. There were so ridiculously cheap compared to their 52-week highs I just had to gamble.

What’s everyone else doing?

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