by Chris

October 2, 2019

Oh boy... here we go again.

Who was in the market throughout the last quarter of 2018? The quarter that crushed all of our gains in one fell swoop. Yes, my hand is up.

And yes, I'm jaded; I'm jaded big time. I don't care if I miss an opportunity right now. I won't let that happen again. I sold what little stock I had yesterday. And I'm very happy about that this morning.


Q3 gains are all lost within the first 2 days of Q4. Yikes... 

It was the manufacturing report that broke the camel's back. We haven't had such a bad report since 2009 (the year after the financial collapse). And on that note, I'm out.

Today, all major indexes are dropping. I'm even considering buying some options (I won't touch leveraged ETFs for a while) just in case it keeps dropping.

While I sit on my cash earning more than bonds, I'm researching which ETFs I'm piling into for Q1 2020. What is everyone else doing?

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