by Chris

September 13, 2019

I love all time highs! I did sell a lot earlier this week but I still have plenty in the market. 401k, Wealthfront account (not cash), Acorns account and my dividend stocks. Here's what's happening:

Now, why is all of this happening:

  • ECB (European Central Bank) lowered rates and are buying back bonds. They're trying to stimulate their economy
  • US-China trade talks look positive. Both sides are making concessions (delaying tariffs and excluding some critical imports/exports)
  • Very high chance of our fed cutting rates (stimulating our economy)

This is all great news for people in long positions (owning stocks). Sorry bears...

I always like to tell you guys what I'm doing so here it is:

  • Researching inverse ETFs for Dow and S&P (what goes up, must come down). I will be ready
  • Staring at my 401k charts (only a little serious about this one)
  • Enjoying my risk-free cash returns

Next week I'll get into my real-estate and personal loan investments (diversification time).

What is everyone else doing?

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