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Buying or Selling?

by cgonzalez at 8:27 am on September 6, 2019

The markets look like they are opening up today. We have a jobs report coming out in a few minutes so that may all change.

Here's my question... are you buying or selling today?

Markets are all about 2% away from their all-time highs. They are still riding the wave up since the US announced that we are resuming trade talks with China. And now, we know that the Fed is dropping rates 25 basis points (0.25%) again.

But a drop could just be a tweet away...

I'm happily riding the wave until I hear ANYTHING bad about trade. Rates going down are great for people looking to refinance their mortgages (or any loan for that matter) but I'm not a fan since it directly affects the rate my cash is getting in my Wealthfront cash account. When the Fed drops rates, those rates follow. But, I'm still getting yields better than the 30 year US bond so I'm not complaining (that much).

I'm heavy into index funds at the moment. The second I hear anything bad about trade, they're gone into my cash account. I have no problem holding for a few weeks and getting back in when it is a better time to buy.

What is everyone else doing?

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